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Spruce SLS is specially graded for use in various segments of the Timber Industry
and comes from high quality forests in Scandinavia and Germany.
Spruce SLS is available in FSC and PEFC and is C24
The slow and consistent growth process results in TOP quality Spruce Timber, with narrow annual growth rings and few, mainly healthy knots.

The length assortment, which can be supplied, consists between 2700mm and 6000mm with emphasis on 5400 and 6000m lengths. The Spruce timber has very little tension due to the sophisticated drying process at the sawmill. This results in very straight timber and can therefore be used swiftly and without big production losses, resulting in a high yield and profitability at the end-user.

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Quality Timber from the modern Solomenskiy sawmill

FSC® - Mixed
All Sawn Timber produced by our sawmills is supplied according to the internationally recognized FSC  and/or PEFC requirements.
FSC-mixed and PEFC certification guarantees that all these Timber products are coming from legal and sustainable forest areas, according to the principles of FSC International.

CE – European strength grading
All Spruce SLS Timber is graded and marked according to the CE strength grading requirements. (EN 14081)
The CE strength grading mark is the, by European law, required strength classification for all timber used for construction purposes.
The Spruce SLS from our suppliers can be delivered in strength classes C18 and C24 according to EN-338