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Jansen Timber has a permanent stock of approximately 6000 m3 Timber in all popular sizes.
Deliveries from our stock in the Benelux countries are possible within 48 hours at competitive prices.
Deliveries can consist of mixed loads with sawn and planed Timber providing flexible logistic solutions for our customers.
Our customers can therefore limit their own stocks and decrease their working capital.

We can provide deliveries consisting of sawn and planed spruce timber up to 6,0m
directly from our stocks in Amsterdam.
Therefore Jansen Timber is your flexible partner for supplying Spruce Timber. The stock in Amsterdam is replenished 2 times per week.

Jansen Timber can advise customers how to use the sawn and planed Timber in the best possible way and increase the yield depending on the end use.
Our experts are always ready to help you !!

Always 6000m3 in stock

Solomenskiy Spruce SLS is specially graded for use in various segments of the Timber Industry and comes from high quality forests in the Russian republic of Karelia.
Solomenskiy Spruce SLS is available in Premium and Basic quality.
The slow and consistent growth process results in TOP quality Spruce Timber, with narrow annual growth rings and few, mainly healthy knots.

The Solomenskiy length assortment, which can be supplied, consists between 4500mm and 6000mm with emphasis on 5400 and 6000m lengths.
The Spruce timber has very little tension due to the sophisticated drying process at the sawmill.
This results in very straight timber and can therefore be used swiftly and without big production losses, resulting in a high yield and profitability at the end-user.


Standard sizes for Sawn Timber and Basic and Premium SLS

SF Rough*SLS Planed*SLS Planed*Sideboards*
45 x 14838 x 8935 x 7022 x 100 SF/VI
47 x 98
38 x 12035 x 9019 x 75 SF/VI
47 x 14838 x 14045 x 70
47 x 12338 x 17045 x 90
47 x 9838 x 184
38 x 235
Sizes in MM, Spruce Timber Main lengths 4500/4800/5100/5400/5700/6000mm.
Other sizes available upon request
Redwood is available upon request
The Timber is produced according to the Russian grading rules GOST 26002-83 en GOST8486-86, which is comparable to the Scandinavian Grading rules

Special sizes possible upon request

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One of the most modern sawmills in Karelia - Russia

Top quality timber from a modern samill in Karelia - Russia